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Ryan Williams
Grand Canyon News
Expertise: Managing Editor
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Ryan Williams is the Managing Editor of the Williams-Grand Canyon News.
Q: *How does the Grand Canyon News feel about the Tusayon name change, for or against?
A: The News doesn't have an opinion. But, we'll continue to report on any developments.
Q: *What is the number of the fire department should we see unlawful fire activity from campers, RVs and tourist this summer? Please put number in the Williams paper and the Grand Canyon paper for our reference.
A: Tusayan Fire Department: (928) 638-3473.
Q: *Hi Ryan! When are you going to start answering more ask the editor question?
A: Right now.
Q: *Hi Ryan! My friends and I at the center wonder why you haven't answered our questions. You are the only source we have and we depend and trust in you. We hope that there is no censorship in the Williams and Grand Canyon papers. Anyway, my question is this, can residents keep chickens in their yards. Thank you! Thank you
A: Hi. Rest assured, we don't censor news. What center? I don't know if you can keep chickens in your yard. Do you live in Tusayan? Or inside the Park? Try calling the town of Tusayan's city office at (928) 638-9909.
Q: *Is there a law against mattresses and junk that are in home owners yards? Junk like that should be taken to the dump. Who do we call to report eyesores? Why can't Williams, which is a tourist town, look like Sedona or Flagstaff?
A: It sounds like you're talking about Williams despite posting this question on the grand Canyon News site. In Williams, complaints can be directed to Tim Pettit at the city. The number is (928) 635-4451. The city's abatement program is active in the spring and summer.
Q: • Reading your past Q/A we see that city officials of Williams and Tusayan are anti-RV. Why do your communities only welcome tourists who stay in hotels or who are lucky enough to own homes in your areas?
A: There is several Forest Service campgrounds and privately owned RV parks in and around both Williams and Tusayan. Also, camping is allowed in area forests as long as fire restrictions are not in effect. Therefore, I do not understand how either community can be viewed as anti-RV.
Q: • Who really owns the Grand Canyon? I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere.
A: Most of the Grand Canyon is owned by the federal government. The land is held in trust for the American people and managed by a variety of federal agencies. Indian reservations, state land, and private land surround these federal lands.
Q: • Which of the La Quenta hotels are closest to the Grand Canyon we are driving from Florida with our dog Montgomery. A darling Cavalier king charles. Thanks...all coupons are welcome where do we look. We love our Hometown news........
A: For a complete list of hotels near Grand Canyon, visit the Grand Canyon Visitors' Bureau at I hope you enjoy your stay.
Q: • Who owns the grand canyon railroad and does he own others
A: Grand Canyon Railway is owned by Xanterra Parks & Resorts. For the last 105 years, Xanterra has operated lodging and restaurant operations in national and state parks. Xanterra’s national park operations include Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, the Petrified Forest, Rocky Mountain National Park and Crater Lake. Xanterra also owns Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va. and manages 10 Ohio state parks.
Q: • We are the fith grade class and we are presenting our exibition projects at the Community Building in the Grand Canyon on May 2 and we were wondering if you could wrote a story about our work. Nolan, Diana, Everett and Hayden
A: Thanks for the heads up. I will add this to our story list.
Q: • Can we submit an article about the night skies for our exhibition project and action? We have been working with rangers to learn about our night skies and want to share what we have learned.
A: Certainly. You can submit it through this website or email your story and photos to I cannot wait to read your story.
Q: • Williams Mountaineer's 4-H group has started up for the new year. How best does the reporter submit a photo with a short article?
A: It is easy to submit articles and photos. News can be submitted through this website. Your stories can also be emailed to Please send the photo in a jpeg format. Larger images print better in the newspaper. Small images do not work. If you send in an email and do not hear from me that means I did not receive your news since I reply to all emails. Please call me at (800) 408-4726. By the way, we did receive the news story you just sent. Thanks for the submission.
Q: • Hi Lynda! Could you please tell us where and when we can vote in the next upcoming elections?
A: The election is being conducted as a polling place election at The Grand Hotel and voters currently signed up on the Permanent Early Voting list (PEVL) will be sent their early ballot via mail starting Feb. 16. There are several options for a voter to request a mailed early ballot including: • Call the Elections Office at (928) 679-7860 or toll-free at (800) 793-6181. • Mailing a written request to Coconino County Elections Office, 110 E. Cherry Ave., Flagstaff, AZ, 86001. • Fax a request to Elections at (928) 679-7851. • Fill out and submit an electronic request form at The last day to request a mailed early ballot is Friday, March 2. Voters can cast their ballots 6 a.m.-7 p.m. March 13 at The Grand Hotel. • Tusayan voters can cast an early vote at the Grand Canyon Superintendent of Schools office at 1 Boulder Street from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday through March 8. Voters can also vote at the main Elections Office at 110 E. Cherry Ave. in Flagstaff from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday through March 9.
Q: • Your papers are great. One thing though, on the Williams paper front page, impact is misspelled. In the aerobics area. You have impace.
A: Thank you for pointing this out. This error has been corrected.
Q: • Dear :Lynda Duffy When did you become a editor for the Grand Canyon? . And why did you wanted to become an editor for the Grand Canyon.
A: I have been the editor of the Williams-Grand Canyon News since 2003. I became editor of the Williams portion in July 2003. When former Grand Canyon Editor Brad Fuqua left the Tusayan/Grand Canyon region in October 2003, the two editors’ positions were combined. Who would turn down the opportunity to serve as editor of the Williams-Grand Canyon News? Certainly not me as I enjoy this position immensely.
Q: * Lynda, can the paper write an update on the progress of the wind farm? How many new jobs has it created and how much did the federal govt subsidize the company?
A: You will see an update soon on the wind farm. Ryan Williams and Clara Beard will be touring the area tomorrow with wind farm officials.
Q: * I drive around Williams and the Grand Canyon areas because of my work. I cannot believe people park their trailors in their back yards. Tourist walk the streets and take pictures of the beautiful old homes and buildings and then they see the trailor. What an embarrasment and eye sore! Sedona doesn't have that nor does any other tourist town I see. Is there a law in Williams and the Grand Canyon for people who have trailors in their back yards? Williams is NOT a dump. If so, what can we do about it?
A: According to city of Williams Chief Building Inspector Tim Pettit, people are allowed to store their trailers in the rear yard of their property. Mr. Pettit is glad others see this as a nuisance. Most property owners think they can store them in the front yard or even the street. City staff fights with property owners everyday about this. “Even large travel trailers in the rear yard looks bad to me, but that is legal per code,” said Mr. Pettit. As for Grand Canyon, the National Park Service has strict mandates residents must follow within the park. Tusayan is newly incorporated, so there is likely not an ordinance in place. What can you do? You can express your distaste of trailers in yards with your local officials.
Q: * Hi Lynda You mentioned a "Moqui Lodge" Facebook page. I have searched Facebook and cannot find it. Any suggestions? Thanks
A: Hi, Don — This Facebook page can be viewed by visiting Facebook and searching for “Moqui Lodge Alumni.” On this public page, you will find several photos of Moqui before it was demolished. Photos include Moqui’s service station, featuring the station wagon the Griswold family drove in the 1983 film "Vacation," starring Chevy Chase.
Q: * Last year I took my termally ill brother back to the Grand Canyon for a visit. We both worked there in the 70's. My question is, what happened to Moqui Lodge? When was it torn down? Who owns the property, and are there any plans to build anything there? I would appreciate any answers. Thanks!
A: The Moqui Lodge — a landmark dear to many — was demolished several years ago after falling into disrepair. In the ‘70s and early ‘80s, staff — who fondly called themselves the “Moqui Mouseketeers” — bonded closely. Lifelong friendships were cemented, some fell in and out of love and many married. At this time, there are no plans to reconstruct Moqui and the area has since been replanted. If you are a Facebook user, search “Moqui Lodge” to learn much more. Moqui Facebook fans have posted numerous photos, memories and information.
Q: * If I remember correctly, didn't there used to be a stop light at the canyon for a short while in the early 90's?
A: A signal was installed and operated for a short period of time. It controlled traffic at Center Road, as national park officials redirected traffic in the area due to a road closure at Mather Point that lasted for about six months. The signal was later changed to a flashing yellow light, which was up for a number of years.
Q: * I like to read the :Ranger's Log. Thank you
A: The Ranger's Log was once published in the Grand Canyon, however, it has not been present for roughly the last three years. It was made possible by the National Park Service, who no longer provides that information to the newspaper.
Q: *When will Fourth of July results be in the paper?
A: A story on the Fourth of July will be in the July 14th edition of the Grand Canyon News.

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